This Leo season is going to bring many changes in the lives of these zodiac signs and this could impact their romantic relationships. They are likely to separate from their partner. If they want their relationship to last, they should exercise caution so as not to end in a rupture which could bring up some personal wounds.

Which zodiac signs are going to experience a breakup in the next few days?

Zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs. Source: spm

According to the stars, some Zodiac signs will experience a separation in the next few days. The transition between the Sun in Cancer and Leo is going to be electric and likely to create sparks in the lives of these zodiac signs. Leo season begins July 22 and continues through August 23. This transit of the Sun in Leo will invite the signs to make many transformations in their lives that will impact their love life.


The sign of Leo.

The sign of Leo. Source: spm

Even if the season for the natives of this Fire sign begins soon, Leos could experience a break in the coming days. Many changes will occur in the life of the lion and they are likely to separate from their longtime partner. This break seems to be like the end of the world for the representatives of Leo. They will have great difficulty moving forward and moving on. This summer is likely to be rich in emotions and nostalgia for those natives of Fire who are usually joyful in nature. Hoping that they don’t regret their decisions at the end of the summer, they can rest on their ego and their inevitable self-confidence.


The sign of Scorpio.

The sign of Scorpio. Source: spm

As Leo season approaches, Scorpios are susceptible to reveal their dark side. The natives of this sign of Water will not be very advantaged during the season of the sign of Fire. Coming out of the Cancer season, Scorpios find themselves lost and will no longer be able to make the right decisions. They might question all their relationship patterns and their romantic relationship. The lives of Scorpions could change if their partner leaves them. This drastic change could push them into deep sadness and irrational. Scorpios are governed by Pluto and could quickly fall into the abyss of the mystical influences of their planet mistress.


The sign of Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius. Source: spm

Aquarians will mature after this tumultuous summer. The representatives of this Air sign will have to question themselves and take on new responsibilities in the coming days. Indeed, they will experience a difficult break that will push them to take new initiatives in their lives. By finding themselves alone, the Aquarians will have to organize affairs that they used to manage as a couple. This brutal change of situation will be beneficial for Aquarius who will finally be able to understand that it is necessary to move forward in life despite the trials.. With the Sun entering Leo on July 22, Aquarius will have a revelation and may realize that they can live on their own but have a lot of work to do on their own. This test will allow them to gain self-confidence and they will be happier at the start of the next school year.