Filling up with oxygen is the basis for erasing fatigue and boosting energy. And even if you can’t afford a cure by the sea, you can take advantage of these tips from the pros anywhere!

Aerate in large

The air inside our homes is often polluted. In question: the accumulation of chemical substances emitted by household products, candles and home fragrances, kit furniture, electrical appliances, etc. To breathe cleaner air, it is necessary to ventilate 10 minutes in large each morning, and repeat the operation in the evening, if possible. As long as you do, you take the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air to the full (unless you live just above a busy traffic lane). “To purify the air and have the impression of breathing in the forest, we can also diffuse for a few minutes three times a day essential oil of radiated eucalyptus, which perfumes and purifies, as we do in our hammam”, advises Dr. Marie Perez-Siscar.

Open the rib cage

To do yoga

Doing yoga – Source: spm

In everyday life, we often tend to stand curled up, shoulders rolled forward, for example on our phone. Without realizing it, these postures limit our breathing and the volume of air, and therefore oxygen, that we inhale. This habit can be counteracted with simple stretches and movements, such as upward and backward shoulder and arm circles when taking a break. “Making big movements to open the rib cage helps to free the diaphragm, and therefore breathing,” says Sandra Lemercier. Soft gyms, like the yoga or qi gong, are ideal because they push to open the shoulders and upper body.

broaden your breath

“Using 100% of your breathing capacity is like recharging your battery to 100%, to have more energy. A breathing ample, which fills the entire surface down to the small alveoli at the bottom of the lungs, allows oxygen to be sent to all the cells of the body”, explains Sandrine Lalbin. However, under the effect of stress and our hectic lifestyles, we breathe rather quickly and especially through the upper body. To train our breathing to become more complete, we start by taking a few minutes each day to observe it. Where do we feel the breath? In the nostrils, throat, stomach, chest? “Of course, just by becoming aware of your breathing, you will already breathe better,” assures the well-being coach. We can then have fun trying to lengthen the breath, for example, thanks to 5 minutes of cardiac coherence with an app (RespiRelax, Respira, etc.). “On average, we perform a dozen respiratory cycles (inspiration-expiration) per minute. With his exercises, we go to five cycles per minute, which is also very soothing, ”explains Dr. PerezSiscar. Lengthening the exhalation is important to properly empty all the stale air from the lungs and prepare to take in as much “new” air as possible. We also train by walking, inhaling over 3 steps, and exhaling over 4 or 5 steps.

Move in nature

Walk in nature

Walking in nature – Source: spm

The more you move, if only walking, the more air, and therefore oxygen, you circulate in the body. “It’s proven, physical activity practiced in the open air (rather than in the often polluted atmosphere of sports halls) has even more benefits on the body and on morale,” recalls Sandra Lemercier. A stroll on the beach or a session along the coast is the best way to fill up with sea air richer in oxygen and less loaded with pollutants. If you are not lucky enough to live by the sea, there is always a large park, a forest, a lake or a river to explore nearby. As soon as there is moving water (waves breaking on the shore, wind on a lake, humidity in the leaves in the forest, waterfall or even a simple fountain…), there are more negative ions present. in the air around us. “However, these negative ions are considered to be purer, and promote better gas exchange during breathing,” says Sandrine Lalbin.

Eat iron… and green!

Eat red meat

Eating red meat – Source: spm

It is the red blood cells of our blood that carry oxygen to the various organs and various cells, in particular for fight against fatigue. A deficiency in iron leads to their decrease, so you have to consume enough of it, through red meat, blood sausage, liver… “But you can also bet on all foods rich in chlorophyll, because it promotes the production of blood cells red,” recalls Dr. Perez-Siscar. It is found in green vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, spinach, green beans, arugula, lamb’s lettuce, etc.) and seaweed such as sea lettuce provides an interesting quantity, to try in salads, for example. For a real boost, powdered micro-algae, such as chlorella or spirulina, are also an excellent source.

Must try: breathe the sea air at home

The getaway to the beach is not for now?

We can still get a shot of sea air. For this, hypertonic marine plasma (purified sea water), Quinton plasma type, is placed in a nebulizer which diffuses fine droplets, or it is heated in an inhaler. It pushes us to breathe more deeply and it is excellent for cleaning the mucous membranes.

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