Often we want to use our smartphone to check our emails or social networks and sometimes we can do it even when it is charging. Find out if this gesture compromises the performance of the phone or not.

Should I use my phone while charging?

While some use their phone at night, many get into the habit of using it while it’s plugged in. However, this gesture is not trivial and can have an impact on this device.

It is not recommended to use your phone while charging

This is a mistake that everyone makes. While it may seem convenient to use the phone while it is charging, it is not without risks. And for good reason, this harmful habit can cause overheating which can permanently damage the battery. It is also recommended to unplug it, if you want to make an urgent call or if you receive one, for example.

Smartphone charging

Smartphone charging. Source: spm

There are other phone habits to ban

For maintain the proper functioning of his device, there is other gestures not to be repeated.

1- You should not charge your phone all night

It is a habit adopted by many but which is strongly discouraged. Leave your phone plugged in overnight runs the risk of significantly damaging the battery and compromising fast charging. It is for this reason that it is recommended to charge your device for a few hours and to unplug it before you go to sleep.

Smartphone charging at night

Smartphone charging at night. Source: spm

2- Using a counterfeit charger damages your phone’s battery

Often we think we save money by charging the phone with cheap equipment. Only, it must be ensured that the charger is original and sold by a authorized dealer. And for good reason, a counterfeit charger can lead to the risk of overcharging and permanently damage the battery.

3- It is not recommended to let your phone turn off

This habit also harms the battery of smartphones which depends on batteries: lithium-on. This imposes a different mode of supply which differs from that of nickel batteries. For this reason, iIt is recommended to charge your phone by half cycle and thus not to let the percentage of the battery drop below 20% or rise above 80%. A smart habit that allows you to keep your phone running as much as possible.

4- It is not rrecommended to keep the phone protective shell

Often we think of the case as a protective element of the phone that should always be installed. However, during charging, this equipment may cause your device to heat up. Removing it will allow your device to load properly and thus avoid the risk of overheating.

By banishing these bad habits, you keep your phone performing well for a long time, and the battery would not deteriorate due to the improper use of the charger.