To remedy this, there are solutions to no longer feel hot inside your home despite the high temperatures. You can use very efficient appliances that cool your interior, but you will have to invest some money. Find out how to use a simple device without spending more money and feel good at home.

How to cool your interior with a fan?

An interior

An interior – Source: spm

Summer can be really unpleasant if you stay at home and you don’t have an air conditioner. The heat wave can cause some inconvenience and make your life difficult. In addition, the heat can quickly dehydrate you. So that the heat caused by high temperatures is not suffocating, you can follow this trick.

– Turn your fan into an air conditioner

A fan

A fan – Source: spm

If you want to reduce your ecological footprint and save money, you can refresh your interior without spending money. With excessive heat summer, you can follow this trick to turn your fan into an air conditioner. Use your fan to turn it into an air conditioner without incurring additional expense. You need two plastic bottles that you will cut at the bottom of the two bottles. Create an opening on each bottle without detaching it. Then, make holes in both bottles according to the level of freshness you want to achieve. Place them on the back of your fan with the head facing down. Finally, put some ice inside so that the air is cooler when you turn on your device. By turning on your fan, you will enjoy the fresh air thanks to the air blown by the device and the ice.

How to optimize the effect of your fan?

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A fan – Source: spm

To live your summer in a more bearable and pleasant way at home, you can follow these tips to optimize the effect of your fan. Your interior will be cooler and it will protect you from the inconveniences of the summer heat.

– Hang a wet sheet in front of the fan

To get fresh air into your house or apartment, you can place a wet sheet or damp towel in front of your fan. Indeed, when water evaporates, it absorbs ambient heat. The air diffused by the fan will then be much cooler and you will be able to benefit from a fresh and airy interior.

– Choose a misting fan

With a misting fan, you will feel better. Composed of a water tank, the misting fan can cause a significant drop in temperature. In addition, by diffusing small droplets, they cool the room by evaporating. Misting fans work best in well-ventilated, moisture-free rooms.

– Create airflow with your fan

By placing your fan near the windows or a door, the air will be diffused continuously and this prevents the device from stirring the same hot air around you. The fan will be able to diffuse cooler air and exhaust hot air through these exhaust routes.

If you do not want to invest in an air conditioner for economic or ecological reasons, these tips mentioned above will be very useful to you. The ambient temperature of your home will be more pleasant and you can tolerate these temperature records more easily.