Hair may be natural, but a large majority of us still consider it undesirable because it is unsightly and unattractive. This is why as soon as they appear, we have only one idea in mind, to get rid of them.

But hair removal techniques are not lacking! To help you find the one that suits you best.

The razor, why do we choose it?

use the razor

Using the razor – Source: spm

The simplest, fastest, most economical and most practical (to use as to carry everywhere) method. Painless (beware of cuts, however!) and very precise, the Shaver is ideal for the legs, armpits and even the bikini line (provided you are not prone to irritation because regrowth can be painful). Recommended for medium hair growth. Yes, but…

The razor cuts the hair so it grows back very quickly (between 2 and 4 days) with ever more vigor! So absolutely avoid on the face and in case of heavy hair. For very sensitive skin, it can be irritating, so you have to use the right razor and the right precautions (you must shave in the direction of the hair and use a specific gel, moisturize afterwards).

The electric razor, less irritating, avoids cuts but the shave is less precise.

Depilatory cream, why do we choose it?

Totally painless, inexpensive, this chemical method that dissolves the hair is easy to use and rather quick (exposure time between 5 and 10 minutes then rinsing). It leaves the skin very soft. It is suitable for almost all skin types and all parts of the body. And preferably for low and medium hairiness. Yes, but…

If the regrowth is fast (between 5 and 7 days) it is less hard than with a razor that cuts the hair! In some, the cream can cause redness or even allergic reactions, so avoid it in case of dermatological diseases such as eczema. Always opt for a cream adapted to the type of skin and especially to the area you want to wax, always respect the exposure time and do a 24-hour test on an area before any hair removal. A sometimes strong and unpleasant smell.

Wax, why do we choose it?

use wax to remove hair

Using wax to remove hair – Source: spm

Whether hot, warm or cold, wax is certainly very effective in eradicating unwanted hair in the long term. Especially the hot because it opens the pores. As the bulb is torn from the root, the skin is very soft, completely hairless and durably smooth, up to 3/4 weeks, or even more! Over waxing, the root weakens so the hair tends to grow back less strong and less apparent, sometimes resulting in ingrown hair problems.

Practicing scrubs regularly helps to avoid them. It is suitable for all parts of the body including the most fragile and all hair types. For more practicality, prefer those in the form of strips. Yes, but…

Epilate at the wax at home is not so simple. The risk of peeling skin with cold/warm wax and that of burns with hot wax is real.

And painful especially for those whose hairs are numerous and thick. The best is to go to an institute. Be careful, this technique requires that there is a minimum hair regrowth of a few millimeters, so accept to have a light down for a few days! Note, hot wax is not at all recommended for women who suffer from skin problems, venous insufficiency or varicose veins.

Laser hair removal, why do we choose it?

laser hair removal for legs

Laser hair removal for legs – Source: spm

To permanently eradicate hair, thehair removal laser remains the most satisfactory. The laser emits a channeled beam of light, which absorbed by the melanin, this pigment present in the hair, will completely burn its root.

This results in very high precision and high efficiency! Quite fast, this technique can treat large areas and can be used on all parts of the body.

Unpleasant but not painful, it is very suitable for chestnut, brown or black hair, that is to say loaded with melanin. i Yes but…

White, blond and red hairs are to be excluded. Nd: YAG lasers now allow hair removal for dull or dark skin. As the laser makes the skin photosensitive, avoid any exposure to the sun and therefore favor the start of the sessions in October. It can be very expensive because it requires many sessions over several months. However, the cost will be amortized in a few years. Please note, laser hair removal is a regulated medical act because it is totally contraindicated in certain cases, so it must be performed under the responsibility of a doctor or dermatologist.

Pulsed light or IPL, why do we choose it?

Based on a principle similar to that of the laser but not considered a medical act, this technique is offered in beauty institutes or specialized centers. Accessible to all, it is even at home with devices sold commercially, however less efficient than those offered in institutes. Fast and relatively effective, this type of hair removal can treat large areas and the shorter the hair, the more effective the treatment. And compared to other methods, this hair removal is less aggressive and less painful. i Yes but…

Because it is less powerful than the laser, pulsed light is also less effective. It is also not suitable for light hair (blonde, white and red) and is totally not recommended for black and mixed-race skin because there is a risk of burns. Also ineffective on down or hair that is too long.

Finally, its cost depends of course on the number of sessions!

Electrolysis, why do we choose it?

Unlike laser and pulsed light, this permanent hair removal solution is very effective and above all the only one that works on all types of skin and hair, regardless of their size, location or color. As it does not concern melanin, it can be practiced every month of the year, however do not expose yourself for 2 weeks before and after the session. Yes, but…

The process consists of electrocuting, one by one, the hairs at the root using a needle, the hair removal can therefore be long and tedious, painful and expensive because depending on the hairiness, several sessions are required.

Not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart disease, diabetics, under acne treatment, under chemotherapy/radiotherapy, so once again turn to professionals capable of performing this type of hair removal.

Permanent hair removal: the Apilus + Apilux 3G combo

“By combining high frequency electric hair removal and pulsed light with variable alternation (APL), it is now possible to obtain permanent results on all colors and types of hair, on all areas, all colors of skin, even tanned and tattooed, says Geoffroy Amsellem, CEO of Apilus France. With unparalleled power, Apilux 3G’s APL technology provides fast and comfortable hair removal over large areas. Residual hair or hair whose regrowth is linked to a hormonal phenomenon, including on the face, is effectively eliminated by Apilus High Frequency hair removal. This technological association therefore allows 360° hair removal for everyone with a truly permanent result,” adds Geoffroy Amsellem.