The preparation of the luggage is an essential gesture before making a trip by plane. A stewardess with 20 years of experience tells us what habits to adopt before taking a flight.

Prepare your travel suitcase

Prepare your travel suitcase – Source: spm

Here are the tips for packing your travel suitcase

The stewardess, for reasons of confidentiality, did not want to appear in the media with her real name, nor in which large American company she worked. Thus, the journalists of Insider called her to relate the information which will follow. This woman has 20 years of experience in her company.

In her years of working as a flight attendant, with thousands of flight hours on the clock, Cici has noticed the mistakes travelers make with their luggage. Therefore, she learned to pack her bags so well that she decided to share the knowledge she gained with the rest of the travelers.

Read a book on the plane

Read a book on the plane – Source: spm

Keep your essentials close at hand

So, Cici advises anyone traveling by plane to keep everything they need on the plane in the lightweight carry-on they have next to them.

“People put the things they need on the plane, like their book and headphones or whatever they’re going to need, in their suitcase in the overhead compartment. It’s not very practical,” she points out.

How to store your water bottle?

Another advice from the flight attendant concerns the liquids that travelers take in their luggage. Some companies allow it, some don’t. The professional explains that due to the altitudes at which planes fly, the pressure inside increases so that there can be leaks in the hold.

Take a snack on the plane

Take a snack on the plane – Source: spm

Should we take a snack for the flight?

Cici advises travelers to bring their own snacks on board, even on flights that offer food. Due to the turbulence that may occur, the crew may have to remain seated, and the meal may be delayed.

Take your bulkiest clothes with you

Cici also advises travelers to wear their heaviest clothes and not pack them in their luggage.

“On a recent flight to Italy, I wore bulky rain boots, a sweater and a jacket, even though I was flying from Florida, which is hot and humid,” adds Cici, who says it helped her saved a lot of space in her carry-on and allowed her to fit several outfits in her suitcase for her trip. Of course, it is recommended to observe this precaution in winter so as not to get too hot during the flight.