The observation is clear: the price of fuel is increasing day by day. And everyone closely follows these regular fluctuations. For some, this price spike has even turned their daily lives upside down. It has simply become too expensive to travel by car and to make the usual journeys, whether to get to work, for entertainment or for travel. A major problem that leads to adverse consequences in various areas. However, we must not be discouraged and lose hope of returning to a normal life. There is always a way to remedy this difficult situation by using common sense and inventiveness. So find out the tricks that will make your fuel tanks last as long as possible.

How to save fuel?

Fill a tank

Filling a tank – source: spm

· Drive slower

It makes sense: the faster you drive, the more fuel you consume. Did you know that a simple speed reduction of 10 km/h can save you up to 1 liter ofessence on a 100 km journey? Plus, with cruise control, you can easily maintain fuel over long distances, as you’ll experience cruising speed, which slows fuel consumption.

Check your tire pressure

Many motorists tend to neglect this parameter, yet wheel pressure plays an essential role in fuel consumption. Indeed, deflated tires also affect the amount of fuel you use. Because, the engine is more stressed and it is necessary to provide more power for a more optimal driving. The correct number of bars for your tires can usually be found in the fuel cap, in the driver’s side door, or in the vehicle owner’s manual. As a bonus, you can quickly and easily have the tire pressure measured at any service station, so you can immediately re-inflate your tires if necessary.

· Do not drive in traffic jams

Another habit to change: avoid traffic and peak hours! Being stuck in traffic is already particularly annoying, right? Keep in mind that this is also the best way to empty your tank, because by dint of accelerating and braking, you waste a lot of gas unnecessarily. So try if possible to ride in less busy streets and especially in less frenetic time slots. Also remember to always check if there is a traffic jam somewhere. This will save you more fuel.

· Close your windows

As nice as it can be to drive with the windows open, it’s not always good for your car. The wind “pulls your car backwards”, so you have to exert more effort to move forward. As a result, you unconsciously consume more fuel!

· Do not let the engine run

Another mistake not to make again: leave the engine running when you have to pick up a person and they are slow to come. If you have to wait more than three minutes in the car, it is best to turn off the engine. Because you must realize that the engine running in a vacuum is also money thrown out the window. Not to mention that it’s bad for the environment!

Drive in eco mode

Does your car have the option of driving in eco mode? Take advantage of this and activate this little-known driver button from time to time. Admittedly, you thus risk deactivating a certain number of functions which make driving more comfortable, but in compensation you will save fuel, which is not negligible.

Lighten your car

So stop overloading your vehicle with unnecessary items! The back seat is full of empty bottles, futile objects, belongings and other waste? It’s high time to clean up not here! Tell yourself that a heavy car is just as harmful as deflated tires. Unknowingly, again, you are consuming more fuel. Come on, do a deep cleaning. A clean and airy cabin is still more pleasant and comfortable, isn’t it?

But, by the way, which side is the gas tank?

The tank counter

The tank counter – source: spm

Before entering the station, you crane your neck as you check the mirrors and stick your head out the window to see if you can spot the fuel tank cover. Then you think you have detected it. You drive to the gas pump, park the car and there you realize you were wrong. A real headache! Worse still, there are so many people around you that you can’t even get to the right side of the pump. Granted, sometimes if you’re lucky you can stretch the hose all the way to the side of your car’s fuel tank, but that’s not always the case.

A word of advice: if you’ve rented or borrowed a car and arrived at the gas station, instead of wasting time, just look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard and you’ll see an icon of a fuel pump. gasoline with an arrow. Be sure to follow the direction in which the arrow : this is the side of the car with the filler cap.