To go on holiday

Going on vacation – Source: spm

Finally holidays !

It is very important to plan our holidays in order to really take advantage of these few days off. All year round, we are running to belay at work, at home, with the children at the same time, etc. It’s never easy, at some point the batteries are empty. Result: stress and food gaps accumulate, the body is tired, saturated with toxins, and it is easier to fall ill.

Why not treat yourself to a real healthy vacation this year? On the sports and detoxification program with targeted menus.

play sports

Playing sports – Source: spm

Sport, a source of intense pleasure

If you don’t exercise often, you don’t know how much fun regular exercise can bring. When you see a person put on their sneakers and go out for a run at the end of the day, you wonder how is that possible after a long day at work… What you don’t know is that it’s just the first few minutes that are difficult, then the body mobilizes the means necessary to run and at the same time produces hormones such as endorphins, providing real pleasure to the person you see running and sweating.

If you are used to eating pastries at the end of the day to have fun, we really advise you to try the sport because it is an intense source of pleasure. And it is a healthy pleasure, which does not give you superfluous kilos but vitality!

During your holidays organize yourself to do sports every day, whether jogging, cycling, swimming, tennis or any outdoor sport that allows you to breathe and stock up on sunshine and of vitamin D for the winter.

To complete this program, it is necessary to plan a targeted diet to help the body eliminate all the toxins accumulated during the winter months.

prepare a salad

Prepare a salad – Source: spm

Targeted nutrition

Summer is by definition the beautiful season when we have a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Take the opportunity to concoct light menus with mainly vegetables, preferably fresh for maximum intake of vitamins and enzymes.

Vitamins and enzymes are indeed very sensitive to heat and are destroyed very quickly. We propose to you…

• A fresh juice every morning before your sports session (in addition to coffee and a small pastry if needed). Avoid adding sugar to your juices, prefer dates if you need the sweet taste.

• A large glass of lemon water just after sport; and about twenty minutes before each meal. Then treat yourself to about thirty minutes of relaxation after the shower while listening to music (and not watching the news on TV).

• For the meal, prepare a different salad every day, including tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, courgettes, onions, whatever you can have on hand.

• Don’t forget a source of protein, ideally lean meat, fish or quite simply a good Provençal herb omelet. Eggs are the most protein-rich food for its weight.

• Add dried fruits and seeds for more fibre, fatty acids and proteins: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin, flax or sesame seeds. Vary the menus to provide your body with maximum nutrients.

• A targeted diet does not mean forbidding you small treats, but it is better to opt for homemade pastries made from seasonal fruits, fresh desserts, sorbets or verrines to prepare as a family.

• Finally, we invite you to take the last meal around 6 p.m., in order to leave at least 12 hours of digestive rest for your stomach and intestines. Intermittent fasting is ideal to complement sports practice, it helps you detoxify, lose excess pounds and regain vitality at the same time.