This is a habit adopted by many people in the summer. However, it is a bad move that does nothing to fight against the high heat. Specialists explain why, on the contrary, it is rather recommended to sleep in pajamas.

Sleep in a bed

Sleeping in a bed – Source: spm

Why shouldn’t you sleep naked when it’s hot?

Sleeping without clothes may seem like a good ideabut experts say it will make you feel hotter.

“Sleeping naked always seems to be the best solution for most people when it’s really hot, but that’s a myth,” reveals sleep expert Christabel Majendie.

It turns out that wearing pajamas wicks sweat away from your body and makes you feel more comfortable.

“When you sleep naked, sweat builds up on your body and stays there. On the other hand, the fabric of the pajamas wicks moisture away from the body, so sleeping naked does not help you cool down at all,” explains the specialist.

The National Sleep Foundation advises keeping windows, blinds, and curtains closed during the day to keep out the heat.

Sleeping with a fan: good idea?

According to Sleep Advisor, sleeping with a fan on can spread allergies, dry skin, and promote muscle pain.

While there’s a long list of things we shouldn’t do to stay cool in hot weather, there are some savvy tips to follow for added comfort.

High temperature at night

High temperature overnight – Source: spm

How to sleep during a heat wave?

According to the NHS, there are several ways to cool down during a heat wave without always having to resort to a fan.

  • It is strongly recommended that you close all windows and lower the blinds when it is hot outside to keep your home cool. Once the temperatures have cooled, you can open the windows to ventilate.
  • The hottest hours of the day are between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. It is recommended to stay in the shade during this period.
  • Be sure to take cool showers and baths throughout the day.
  • Avoid excess alcohol (it dehydrates) and be sure to drink fluids including water, smoothies and soft drinks throughout the day.