We are in the heart of summer: temperatures are starting to soar across several countries and the hot days are becoming less and less bearable. This infernal heat is starting to have people looking for effective ways to stay cool at home. If possible by avoiding using the air conditioning all the time, otherwise the electricity bill at the end of the less risks climbing dizzily. No problem, we can meet your expectations. To cool your home and bring the temperature down a notch, we have an amazing, but really promising solution. Read on quickly!

Faced with extreme temperatures, it is important to stay cool and hydrate as often as possible, at the risk of causing serious health damage. And to brave the heat wave, don’t look too far, the solution is in a drawer in your kitchen. It’s hard to believe, but your roll of aluminum foil will go a long way in keeping your house fresh. Yup, it turns out good old aluminum foil isn’t just good for food wraps and barbecuing. This cling wrap is incredibly versatile and will save the day in a variety of home situations. Starting with this one! Quickly discover the hidden power of Aluminium foil to counter the scorching heat.

A woman uses a fan

A woman uses a fan – source: spm

While the majority of people fall back more easily on the comfort of the fan or air conditioning, in these times of crisis, it would be good to think twice to save some money at the end of the month. Why not bet on this trick much more economical and less harmful to health? Not to mention that houses are quite difficult to keep cool, as they are designed to trap as much heat as possible due to the moderate climate.

Refresh the home with aluminum foil, this may seem unlikely to you, but the most skeptical among you will be surprised. As a bonus, this food roll is available in most major supermarkets. All you have to do is spread a few sheets on your windows that receive direct sunlight. With skill, you can redirect the rays and thus reduce the heat inside the house.

Is it safe to hang aluminum foil from windows?

Some will think that this technique could be dangerous? No way. Aluminum is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, up to 660°C. Therefore, even in this terrible heat wave, it is not likely to melt in the sun and will remain perfectly safe.

So all you have to do is cover your windows with large silver stripes. This will prevent the glass from absorbing too much heat and projecting it inside. The aluminum foil will counter this process: it will thus reflect the rays and send them back outside. Your interior will therefore stay fresh longer!

Other tips to keep your home cool during a heat wave

Thermometer and heat

Thermometer and heat – source: spm

Here are some other tips for keeping a home cool during a heat wave:

· Open windows and doors early in the morning to ventilate the rooms of the house, but keep them closed during the day to avoid overheating the interior. You can reopen them in the early evening, if you wish, when the air cools down a bit.

· Bet on some indoor plants that also keep a house cooler. They act as natural air conditioners, regulating the temperature of a room by generating moisture in the air

· Remember to always turn off heating appliances that are not in use. Including the oven, the toaster, the laptop or a simple video console. When on standby, these appliances generate small amounts of heat that radiate throughout the home. The same is true when charging things like your cell phone: even minimal heat generated tends to slightly warm the room. It is therefore better to wait for the night to charge your Smartphone.

· Switch to energy-saving LED bulbs! They will also help to refresh your interior. Keep in mind that regular light bulbs such as halogens produce an enormous amount of heat when lighting a room and multiple halogen lamps or spotlights can quickly warm up a room at night. Swap them for energy-saving LED bulbs and keep the lights off as much as possible. It will also save you money.

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