A little more each day, we see the effects of global warming on the planet. Rising temperatures are a direct consequence of this. This leads us to suffer, almost everywhere in the world, unprecedented heat waves. Of course, we are all victims. But the consequences of these high temperatures also disturb motorists on a daily basis. Forced to use the car to go to work, for long-distance travel or to enjoy various activities, drivers must take a few precautions before hitting the road to avoid many of inconvenience. Do not take the situation lightly: driving in a heat wave can be very problematic and lead to unsuspected dangers.

If your car was parked under the sun for a long time, you must have all experienced this very unpleasant moment: getting inside and having the impression of being in a real oven where the burning sensation is perceptible with each movement. . As soon as your skin comes in contact with anything, from the steering wheel to the belt to the leather seat, it’s almost unbearable. The heat can cause serious problems for drivers and even have negative consequences on your car. It is urgent to take the right steps to prevent all this collateral damage.

Some advice for drivers driving in the heat wave

Drive a car

Driving a car – source: spm

· Before setting off for a long journey, open the doors and roll down the windows for 30 seconds to circulate the air inside the car. Of course, you can also switch on The air conditioning. Be careful, if it is really hot and the cooling system is not working properly, or not at all, we advise you to postpone the trip if possible.

· If the context allows it, avoid riding in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its zenith and the temperatures are really unbearable.

· Dress accordingly with airy and breathable clothing that does not cling to the skin and does not make you sweat easily. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunglasses.

· Drink water frequently to keep you sufficiently hydrated or very cold soft drinks to quench your thirst. Ventilate the car as soon as possible to prevent the evaporation of liquids. Tell yourself that a simple and slight dehydration can weaken you and increase the number of driving errors, or even cause accidents.

· With temperatures of 35°C or more outside, the driver reacts 20% slower than if he were driving in a temperature of 25°C. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep the cabin temperature between 21 and 22°C.

· To park your car, try to find a place in the shade or park in a covered car park.

· Attention: it goes without saying, but it is better to remember, never leave a child, an elderly person or even a pet in a car parked under the sun. And not even for a minute!

Hot driving, as dangerous as alcohol

According to the latest studies in the field, a temperature of more than 35°C inside the car can affect the driver’s abilities as much as a blood alcohol level of 0.5 per thousand. Remember, for your safety and that of the passengers, to keep the air conditioning on when you are on a long journey.

Warning: the heat can put you to sleep at the wheel!

Hold a steering wheel

Holding a steering wheel – source: spm

Summer is in full swing and the days of heat wave continue to multiply. In order to reduce the risk of involvement in road accidents, the police recommends that motorists drive with increased caution and obey traffic rules on public roads, constantly adjusting the speed limit according to weather and road conditions.

As a reminder, the high temperature inside the car can accentuate the state of fatigue which manifests itself, initially, by delayed reactions, difficulty concentrating and, in the worst case, this can even lead to to drowsy driving. If you are going on vacation, don’t forget to stop regularly to refresh your face, stretch your legs and drink a coffee if you feel the need.

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