There is a foolproof technique by which you can effectively get rid of stubborn dirt on the walls of the toilet. It involves using a key product whose usefulness is however exclusive to a recurring device in homes. All you have to do is dissolve it in the toilet and you will quickly be amazed by its effect. Here’s what its about.

toilet bowl

Toilet bowl – Source: spm

Dissolve a dishwasher tablet in the toilet and enjoy the result

Mold, rust and lime form on various places in the bathroom and the toilet is obviously not left out. To overcome this, we offer to turn to dishwasher tablets.

Dishwasher tablet

Dishwasher tablet – Source: spm

You don’t have to go through bleach to get rid of various dirt around the bowl. Take a dishwasher tablet, throw it in the toilet bowl and let the product act for a few minutes. Grab yourself a toilet brush then scrub all corners of the bowl before flushing to rinse everything.

To get rid of stubborn hard water stains like orange rings around the bowl, you can use the dishwasher tablet in another way. Get your gloves on, wet the end of the pad and rub it directly against those hard water lines like you would using a sponge. You will see soon enough that the brand will fade before to disappear totally.

Why are dishwasher tablets effective on the toilet?

If dishwasher tablets clean toilets so well, it’s because they have a powerful anti-limescale power. They have indeed been designed to combat hard water stains, among other things. You can also use them for more than one household task like removing soap scum from your shower or rid the oven of grease and stubborn dirt.

What are other uses for the dishwasher tablet in household chores?

These small dishwasher tablets can be a big help in cleaning multiple areas of your home. Here are the most notable of them:

Use the dishwasher tablet to deodorize your trash can

If you have a smelly trash can, you can deep clean it with a simple dishwasher tablet. Fill the bin with a few liters of boiling water, dissolve the tablet in it and let it act for 1 hour. Rub gently then rinse.

Do not hesitate to use all the other existing techniques to deodorize your garbage can.

Make your sink shine with the dishwasher tablet

stainless steel sink

stainless steel sink – Source: spm

The sinks quickly become the theater food residue, dirty liquids and sometimes even stubborn stains out of the pile of dishes. Arm yourself with your gloves, grab a tablet and rub it against the dirty surfaces of the sink to remove stains.

Remove coffee, water and tea stains with your dishwasher tablet

Coffee and tea stains in cups can be quite difficult to remove if they are not cleaned immediately. If they have had time to imprint themselves on the glasses, pour lukewarm water into the cup, dissolve the dishwasher tablet in it and leave the product to act for an hour before rinsing.