Sport, an undeniable ally of health

young daughter dad tennis

A young girl plays sports with her dad – Source: spm

It is pushing open doors to say that sport brings great benefits to health. For each organ of our body, sport brings very specific benefits.

With physical activity, the lungs are freed and we breathe better; the heart is strengthened and the muscles are more toned; we digest food better and the intestinal flora is more balanced thanks to sporting activity, you should know that.

Finally, it should be remembered that sport is also very beneficial for brain chemistry; it helps to bring good humor and fight against stress and aggressiveness. All these benefits are accentuated for the young adolescent who is going through a critical period in his life.

The child’s personal interest first

children swimming pool

Children in the swimming pool – Source: spm

It is very important to let the child choose the sporting activity he is going to do, even if you don’t like it, or you don’t think it’s really sport, for example horse riding or gymnastics. Indeed, it is not necessary to make a great effort or sweat for the activity to be beneficial. the sport brings many benefits to physical health and especially to mental and psychological health; it is all the more important for a young teenager because he is going through a sensitive period in his life. He is preparing to enter the adult world, he must find his place in the group, he must love and accept his body, etc. All this can be facilitated by sports activity.

On the other hand, if the child is forced to practice a sport that he does not like, this can have the opposite results.

For example, swimming, gymnastics or dancing expose people to the gaze of others, and this can be badly experienced by a child who already has a problematic image of his body. So you really have to listen to your child’s desires and go in their direction. The objective is not to win trophies, or to achieve a certain performance, the objective is to help the child overcome the sensitive phase of adolescence through sport. You must try to detect the subtle need of your child.

For some teenagers, sport will allow them to surpass themselves: Martial arts (judo, aikido, etc.), wrestling, team sports (rugby, football, etc.) are then offered to the child. It’s your turn !

How to do ?

Make simple proposals to the child and wait for his reaction, do not force him to choose right away or to give his opinion. Sometimes a teenager just doesn’t want to talk to his parents. Relaunch the discussion after a few days and don’t give the impression that you are insisting, as this can lead to negative reactions.

Try to involve friends or cousins, children who are around the same age as your child, to propose a collective activity. But here too be careful, you must not insist. Often, a teenager doesn’t want to hang out with his cousins. He wants to have his own friends, his own life away from his parents. For him, it is very important to distance himself from his parents, even to oppose them, in order to build himself.