Nassim, a former flight attendant reveals the strategies she used to protect herself in hotel rooms throughout her career after hearing the story of an assault at a hotel establishment.

How to protect your belongings in your hotel room when you are on vacation?

“When I started my job, I heard a story where a member of the crew walked into his hotel room and that someone was hiding in his room,” said the flight attendant.

After hearing this story, Nassim devised a strategy to feel safer.

Check if anyone is hiding in the room


Open the hotel room door – Source: spm

“My colleague was attacked, so every time I walk into the bedroom hotel, I use my suitcase to hold the door open,” she reveals. Then to add: “After that, I go back and check everywhere. I check the bathroom, under the bed, in the closet, under the table and behind the curtain. I make sure no one is there. »

Leave your luggage in front of the door when you are in the room


The suitcase placed next to the bed – Source: spm

Nassim recommends leaving your suitcase outside the door when you are in the room. So if someone tries to enter the room, you will be able to hear their movements.

Make sure no one follows you to the hotel room

Nassim advises single travelers not to get in the elevator with just one other person.

“I made sure I didn’t get in the elevator with another person and press the button from my floor,” she says, “Make sure no one follows you to your hotel room. If you don’t feel safe, wait at reception until they leave. »

Use the in-room safe


Put your phone and papers in the safe – Source: spm

“I always put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door so no one comes into my room,” she continues. The stewardess recommends using the room safe.

“I have always used the safe for important documents and money. »

Another tip is to leave the TV on. “I always leave the TV on to make it look like I’m in the bedroom all the time. »