Instead of throwing away the banana peel, you can recycle it in several ways. Indeed, it has more than one string to its bow and can be reused to make your daily life easier.

Banana peels

Banana peels – Source: spm

The hidden uses of banana peels

Simple banana peels can become real allies as soon as you realize how practical they can be on a daily basis. Here are the many ways to reuse them:

Refresh the summerdyed with banana peels

Apply the banana peel to the skin.

Apply the banana peel to the skin. Source: spm

Banana peel can be used as a facial treatment to revive the radiance of your complexion and reduce facial wrinkles. Although there is no scientific evidence, proponents of banana peels claim, based on anecdotal evidence, that banana peel may hydrate the skin, reduce puffiness under the eyes and help fade scars. acne.

To take advantage of the benefits of banana peel, you can gently rub it on your face 3 times a week so that your skin can feed on the vitamins and minerals of the fruit. You will also realize that this natural application will make your skin soft to the touch. We will use it more under the eyes to reduce dark circles. For this, place a banana peel on the closed eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles and benefit from a fresher look.

Reduce irritation with the skin banana

Calm skin irritations with banana peel

Calm skin irritations with banana peel. Source: spm

Skin irritations occur more often in summer and if this is your case, it may be worth turning to simple banana peels which are a natural alternative to ointments. And for good reason, they have soothing properties and reduce itching.

use the skin banana as fertilizer

Let your banana peels dry then cut them into small pieces or mash them before them spread at the foot of your plants. They work wonderfully as a fertilizer to feed plants and help them grow.

You can also soak the banana peels in water and let them marinate for a few days. Filter and recover the mixture which you dilute in 5 volumes of water. Water your plants every month with this vitamin water to boost and revive them.

Cutting banana peels into small pieces to use as plant fertilizer

Cutting banana peels into small pieces to use as plant fertilizer – Source: spm

Get rid of parasites with banana peel

Against insects, banana peel can act as a natural repellent. If you face aphids flying over your vegetable garden, cut the banana peels into small pieces before scattering them in various places in the area to be protected. Insects do not tolerate the smell emanating from it. However, moderate the amount of banana peel to use because paradoxically, it will attract other pests such as rodents or wasps.

Use banana peel as compost

Compost is essential for our plants to thrive. In this regard, as an environmentally friendly ingredient, banana peels can also be used in as natural composts. The plants will thus benefit from an interesting contribution in phosphorus and potassium, which helps promote foot growth. In parallel, it is advisable to add twigs to ensure the balance of your compost.

Like banana peels, egg water is another ‘unusual’ ingredient which can also bring phosphorus to plants.

Use banana peel to make your indoor plants shine

A banana peel can be a great substitute for the cloth you use to dust your plants. Run the fleshy side of a banana peel over the leaves of your plants to restore their shine.

With these handy little tips, you won’t have any reason to throw away the banana peels. So think twice before doing it!