An ingenious tip on Tiktok has emerged and was posted by a woman amazed to see her boyfriend’s bathroom so clean. The principle? Have a bowl full of onions in this room.

Cut an onion into

Cut an onion in half – Source: spm

Here’s the trick with an onion in the bathroom

During the pandemic, many netizens started doing all kinds of tests. Among them, a video went viral on TikTok.

According to the user, the trick is to put an onion in the bathroom.

The video was posted by TikTok user @karalynndunton, who met a man on Tinder then ended up in his apartment and searched his bathroom.

She marveled at how clean and organized her bathroom was.

User @karalynndunton shared that she found “a bowl of onions” in her new boyfriend’s bathroom. While the young woman was rather skeptical, Internet users quickly testified to the effectiveness of this ingenious trick.

Bad smell in the bathroom

Bad smell in the bathroom – Source; pms

Why put an onion in the bathroom?

Several comments below the post explain that it’s not such a bad idea. Putting onion in the bathroom would eliminate bad smells from the bathroom.

Onions in the bathroom are able to absorb and neutralize bad odors. This is particularly useful in a poorly ventilated bathroom or in a windowless bathroom.

Onion is a food that has other qualities, let’s discover other tips with onion:

4 homemade onion tips

  1. Cure a cold

Slice an organic onion, place them flat under the entire foot, wrap in cling film, put on a pair of warm socks (or 2 pairs) and sleep with it all on.

  1. Remove rust stains

Rub the rust stains on your metal objects with a raw onion cut in half, to remove them without difficulty.

  1. Degrease the windows

Rub your fat-covered windows with a raw onion cut in half before using your usual product. Very effective also on your windshield!

  1. Clean the barbecue grill

Polish the grill with half a raw onion, repeat the operation with the second half, then rinse with clean water.