Aluminium foil

Aluminum foil – Source: spm

Why do you have to put aluminum foil in the freezer?

Whether it is an old or a new model, the freezer always forms layers of ice on its shelves. And it can sometimes be really restrictive: not only can the drawers block and open with difficulty, but it also takes a long time to remove these blocks of ice!

To remedy this situation, you can count on food aluminum foil. It may surprise some, but actually this sheet has the ability to defrost the freezer in just a few minutes. If there is only a little ice, you can line the inside of the freezer with aluminum foil. But if there are too many, it is better to first defrost the device perfectly before installing the sheets in it.

So how does this trick work? Just empty the freezer and place aluminum foil everywhere, inside, on the sides, the top and the bottom, that is to say in the whole compartment of the device. From there, reintegrate all the products inside. Now the ice will only form on the foil. The advantage is that the sheet can be easily removed without any particular effort: you will get rid of the frost and the freezer compartment will remain clean.

Likewise, freezer drawers can be easily lined with aluminum foil. This will save you a lot of time during cleaning: you will only have to replace the aluminum sheets with new ones and everything will remain impeccable. Should have thought of that, right?

Put a sponge in the fridge

Putting a sponge in the fridge – Source: spm

Another tip: put a sponge in the fridge and you will be delighted with the result!

After discovering this awesome trick to easily defrost the freezer, let’s now move on to another clever way to preserve food in the fridge. This other trick is to put some sponges in the fridge. Do you often complain about the damage caused to your fruits and vegetables? These foods are sometimes abused in the fridge because of humidity, clutter and bad smells. They can then lose their original flavor and texture before their time. However, if you use this simple and effective trick, they can stay fresh longer!

All you have to do is attach a few sponges to the bottom of the drawer where your fruits and vegetables are tucked away. By placing them next to each other, you will then form a barrier against humidity: the latter will be completely absorbed by the sponges and will no longer come into contact with food. Enough to keep them in good condition for much longer!

Good to know : Fruits and vegetables can retain their flavor and last over time if kept in separate compartments. Indeed, they risk spoiling more quickly and losing their taste if they come into contact with other foods. The cause is the ethylene gas present in these foods, which acts as a ripening agent.