This unusual technique could amaze you. It’s about using a clothespin that can change the way you shower.

What happens when you use a clothespin in a bathroom?

If the clothespin is used to fix your clothes while they air dry, it has another little-known utility that may surprise you. This ingenious technique will help you purify the smell of the shower while perfuming this room. You will enjoy an invigorating ritual thanks to a subtle and delicate fragrance for a bathroom worthy of a spa.

Wooden clothespins 1

Wooden clothespins – Source: spm

To adopt this ingenious trick, you will need a wooden clothespin but also a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil or another oil of your choice such as lemon or tangerine. To do this, you must start by generously soaking the clothespin with a few drops of essential oil. Hook the clip onto the shower head while showering or bathing. Another way to take advantage of this trick is to hang this object on the shower curtain. With steam, a sweet scent permeates your bathroom. Result: Relaxation and well-being guaranteed.

There are other tricks to exploit with a wooden clothespin

In addition to spread a good smell in your shower, you can use the clothespin in multiple ways for your home.

  1. The clothespin fixes the spoon in the pan

If you are worried about your wooden spoon falling into the pan, the wooden clothespin is the perfect choice. You just have to hang it on the spoon handle or spatula and you’re done!

  1. The clothespin is ideal for decorating your home

If you don’t have a frame or don’t want to stick your photos on the wall, this trick is ingenious. For this you will need a string and clothespins with which you hang on your beautiful memories. You can also hang your memos or your shopping list.

  1. The clothes peg keeps your food

Whether it’s packets of cereal, crisps or bags of flour, the clothespin protects them from the surrounding air by making them more hermetic. Practical, right?

  1. The clothespin helps you avoid tangling the cables

Whether it’s chargers or other cables, it can be difficult to keep them tidy. That’s why clothespins can come to your rescue. They will have to be fixed on one or a small set of cables.

  1. You can use the clothespin as a bookmark

If you want to know where you are in reading your book, the clothespin is an original improvised bookmark. You can also use it for identify important passages in your documents that you cannot highlight. An original habit and could not be more practical!

If you have wooden clothespins, now you know how to use them differently at home.